About Fraud prevention

The PlatiOnline payment system is committed to protecting customer information and to actively combat fraud.

Development  of the PlatiOnline.ro online payment platform started in May 2002 with the mission to provide the most secure and reliable payment solutions for online merchants and their customers worldwide.

To achieve the above, C Solution SRL devoted significant resources towards a strong infrastructure and adheres to a strict proprietary security policy ARGUS, to the PCI DSS industry specific standards and all government initiated security guidelines.

Based on our extensive experience in the field of anti-fraud protection, PlatiOnline developed the ARGUS online  fraud detection and prevention system, which is permanently updated and optimized  by online activity type.

With PlatiOnline.ro  from C Solution SRL, our customers can be confident that their data is secure.

Our system uses industry leading technologies and protocols such as SSL Extended Validation security certificates.


PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified since December 2014.

PCI DSS Level 1 is the most important security standard in the industry of online payments.

PCI-DSS Level 1 certification confirms the fulfillment of a complex set of 12 principles of security that a company that wants this certification must comply fully, which cover both the security of the payment processing solutions and physical and electronic security of card data.


Even if compared to the most professional payment service providers, which have an in-house anti fraud department and closely monitor each transaction with advanced detection algorithms, our system is more secure.

Many of our customers have had problems with previous payment service providers loosing many valid transactions due to their imperfect fraud detection systems.

Our studies show more than half of online orders are rejected because of anti-fraud algorithms, which can be prevented by manual filtering.

PlatiOnline employs a numerous team of dedicated and trained professionals in this field, which can separate the honest customers from the fraudulent, so a large number of transactions will be completed.